These are some photos sent to us by Yuri Rybalov, a devotee we met in New York, but who grew up in Russia. They span the late 1980s and into the 1990′s, and give a taste of the remarkable fans in Moscow in those times. Here’s what Yuri has to say about them:

‘These pictures represent my younger years of Depeche Mode devotion back in Moscow. Most of them were taken in early 90’s. Now, looking back at those memories, living in New York City – I get a sense of nostalgia. Depeche Mode hadn’t come to Russia until 1998 and for all those years starving for live concerts Russian fans nurtured and cherished their devotion by exchanging records, bootlegs, news articles and posters from Western countries. All these photos represent precious moments when we got to celebrate birthdays of Depeche Mode members and express our true loyalty to their music. I also want to use this opportunity and personally THANK Nicholas and Jeremy for capturing so well the spirit of Russian fans and what it represents. A job well done!

P.S. In a photo #12 you can see me with my friend Anton who dressed like Martin Gore. Anton is in the very 1st shot of the movie!!!’