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This Dave doll was made by and kindly sent to us by our favourite German family, the Granzows, who you will know if you have seen the film.

They have also recently been featured in a fashion shoot by Niall O’Brien for Dazed and Confused magazine:

See the whole article by clicking here.

Just in case you haven’t seen our documentary, here’s a clip featuring them:

If you have made your own T-shirts, painted your own banners, dressed your pets up, embroidered clothes, kept diaries or done drawings of Depeche related things, we would still love to see them, so do email us. The film was finished some time ago, but we might add another page to this site of things made by devotees that we like.

In the meantime, we’re planning on taking the Dave doll to the seaside to take some snaps more in the style of the promo and post them up here…

One Response to “Enjoying the Silence”

  1. Marisadepeche Says:


    I´m from Madrid(Spain) .As huge fan of DM ,I made some things decorated from me in ”
    a DM style”.A golden fan with many of my favourite songs. I wanted to give it to Dave on 16th nov in the gig, but I couldn´t ´cause the men of security. I made a poster embroidered for the gig,some DM gloves, a skirt.

    If you want to have a pic of these DM items i´ll send in email.
    Please tell me when could I see your film in Spain?
    Best Regards,