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depeche mode prince charles cinema

Some images from the sold out screening during the Frieze Art Fair, presented with Artprojx. The cinema exterior with the name we would have liked for the film, ‘OUR HOBBY IS DEPECHE MODE’

depeche mode directors introduction

The directors introduce the screening

depeche mode artprojxs screening

The screening is packed

depeche mode nick abrahams mark

Co-director Nick Abrahams and Mark, one of the stars of the film, compare hats

depeche mode posters outside cinema

The poster literally came from the wall as the temptation proves too much for one devotee, who makes off with one of the images from the film displayed outside the cinema

depeche mode directors jeremy deller nick abrahams

The directors have a momentary loss of dignity

photos 1,2,4 and 5 copyright Sarah Lee

photos 3 and 6 copyright David Gryn, Artprojx

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